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The North American Association of Alternative Therapies (NAAT) is an organization dedicated to endorsing, certifying and promoting a variety of alternative, integrative, and complimentary healing systems and protocols, as well as the delivery of educational services leading to certifications and academic degrees.

A Word from NAAT’s President


Thank you for visiting our website and for sharing our passion for health and overall wellness through natural means. For as long as I can remember, I was always marveled by the body’s own natural mechanisms to reestablish health providing the right conditions and adequate resources were made available for the body to carry out the most formidable task a human organism can do, heal itself! The highest, most sophisticated gift of nature any organism possesses by far, understanding at every step of the way that nature has its rules and when these guidelines are violated, troubled health conditions take over as an understandable consequence. Our jobs as complimentary health therapists is to understand these laws of nature to help the immune system and all physiological processes reach the much sought balance or homeostasis.

Within the core values of our institution, NAAT, without a doubt <> – or “First, do no harm” is the most basic principle that directs our actions as complementary therapists, by choosing the most ecological protocols to correct health imbalances, wether they are from biological, psychogenic, or energetic origin, and restore health in a way that no harm is done.

Let’s as a group then, pursue the highest standards in safeguarding health, establishing meaningful relationships with those that trust their health conditions to us, where communication can flow freely to better assess results and adjust and improve protocols and approaches as a form of growth towards excellence and patient centered, results oriented delivery of the art and science of alternative, complementary, and integrative medicine healing systems.

Armando J. Benavides, N.D.
NAAT President
Houston Texas

Information and Awareness to Promote Empowerment.

Within our mission statement we highlight the empowerment of individuals and groups of interest to make responsible, informed, and educated decisions over their own health conditions. Through education and an organized sharing of information relevant to the procurement of health, NAAT turns over to the individual the responsibility of his/her state of health, and exercising his inalienable right to be healthy, an undeniable birthright granted by nature and not by the institutions, and although our position is not against the institutionalized medical system as we believe in the complementation of all healing expressions depending on the individual’s needs, we pronounce ourselves pro-choice and encourage medical freedom practices.

The Biological, Psico-emotional, and Bioenergetic Constituents of Health.

The professional team conforming NAAT considers the individual as a whole and understands that an imbalance at any of the different dimensions of the biological body, mind, and energetic components interacting with one another at different capacities can deeply affect the delicate equilibrium of health at a holistic level. Bringing a troubled state of health to homeostasis can be a monumental task when we consider how modern day lifestyles overburden our psyche, in addition to that the unavailability of good quality nutrients for healthy diet requirements, and the challenges of necessary lifestyle changes to protect and improve our health and promote healthy emotional states.

Instruction, Delivery, and Granting of Degrees by NAAT.

NAAT provides a clearinghouse of educational services, instructors, and academic bodies for a wide range of complementary healing modalities. We also deliver professional development, learning experiences, and academic services in the form of continuing education courses, workshops, diploma programs, associate degrees, therapist certifications, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees in diverse areas of alternative, complementary, and integrative medicine.

Endorsements of Courses Offered by Other Than NAAT Parties

Our educational consultants with extensive experience in educational psychology, methodology, didactics, pedagogy, and course design and development, can assess your educational programs to ensure completeness, formality, and the academic rigor needed in a sound syllabus. Syllabus assessment of courses facilitated by individuals and institutions other than NAAT, are necessary before any endorsement is considered. A fee applies to this evaluation.

Legal Formality

IRS – Taxpayer number 32059188386
The Office of the Secretary of State, file number: 802360972



NAAT o por sus siglas en Inglés, , es una organización sin fines de lucro, comprometida al impulso y promoción de las diversas modalidades de salud complementaria, integrativa, y alternativa, representando una fuente autónoma y centralizada de recursos dedicada a respaldar, certificar y promover diferentes expresiones de medicina holística que promuevan la salud, la transformación, y el bienestar.
NAAT opera también como un organismo certificador de instituciones, cursos, programas, materiales didácticos, e instructores en el área de medicina holística,. Dentro de su labor social y profesional, proporciona también educación continua para profesionales y pre-profesionales de la salud y tiene la facultad y personalidad legal autorizada y concedida por <> de otorgar diplomas y certificados con validez oficial y curricular de los siguientes servicios y grados académicos:
Cursos, talleres, diplomados, grados asociados, grado de terapista certificado en ramas específicas de la salud, grado de máster con certificación en salud complementaria en sus ramas generales y específicas, además de contar con la facultad legal de otorgar grados de educación superior como licenciaturas, y maestrías.

Asuntos de Formalidad Legal

Registros debidamente actualizados en sus autorizaciones legales y aportación de cuotas fiscales ante la oficina federal de Servicios de Recaudación Fiscal y Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (IRS – Taxpayer number 32059188386).

Asimismo, el registro administrativo ante <> con número de archivo: Este dato exclusivamente disponible por solicitud por escrito a NAAT.

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